Creativity and Social Learning

The Social Learning Agenda is proving effective within schools. However, an exciting development has been exploring the application of the Social Learning Agenda out of schools. As part of ongoing work with colleagues in Canada (Kings University College at Western University, Ontario) we have been exploring this. The Social Learning Agenda thus formed part of a publication (forthcoming) on Article 6 of United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child for the Canadian Bar Association, as part of their drive to create a practical toolkit to inform professionals .

Students too have been exploring how the Social Learning Agenda might have application in settings beyond school. Recent projects have considered its use in:

  • children’s homes (developing personal care plans)
  • for use in family break up (both as part of the legal process and personal arrangements)
  • in establishing a place or presence in local authority decision making
  • in health care

The creativity of the students on the Childhood and Social Institutions programme demonstrates how much there is to build on as we encourage organisations to think carefully about how they position children.

Wellbeing Matters – a research project

Funded by the Laurel Trust we are excited to be working with the Elliot Foundation to extend understandings of ‘wellbeing’ in schools. The focus for this project is to take the approach developed by the Centre and to test out the extent to which it can support children’s ability to define, control and manage their learning whatever their presumed disadvantage.

We are delighted to have the opportunity to work with a range of primary schools in different parts of the country and hope that the findings of this project can be used to benefit increasing number of children as schools find ways to recognise and respond to the issue of ‘wellbeing’ as a factor that shapes children’s learning experiences.

Much more to follow as the project gets fully underway in January 2017.