About Us

Dr Sam Frankel – Creative Director

Sam has spent over 15 years dedicated to promoting understanding of children’s everyday lives. His work combines both an academic and practical engagement with children and their place at home, school and in the community. Sam is an Honorary Research Fellow at the University of Sheffield and has recently spent two years as a Visiting Professor at King’s University College at the University of Western Ontario, Canada. Sam has worked with tens of thousands of children across the UK. His research and ideas are shared in a growing number of publications.

Equipping Kids – the approach

Creative Solutions allowing children to navigate their everyday lives

Visible Solutions exploring the social/ relational processes that inform how we think and act

Personal Solutions allowing children to make sense, manage, take control of who they are in the context of the world around them, increasing well being and establishing a foundation from which to explore their potential

  • children growing in awareness of themselves and others
  • children developing knowledge, skills and strategies to navigate the world around them
  • children maximising opportunities to participate and engage and make a positive difference


John Fowler – Director of ‘Inspire’ Initiatives

John Fowler has spent over 30 years teaching in schools. An experienced head teacher, with additional roles as an Ofsted Registered Inspector, a Local Authority Advisor and Leadership Development Partner. John has shared his passion for learning in the UK and abroad.

Equipping Kids

INSPIRE Initiatives

Active projects demonstrating our approach

Equipping Kids

RESEARCH and CREATE Initiatives

Activities that explore, capture and share our approach


Projects focused on solutions that support children to maximise their potential


Projects focused on solutions to support adults to develop effective practice for equipping children


Projects focused on solutions that use different contexts to allow children and adults to explore personal/social skills