EquippingKids Canada

Who We Are
EquippingKids Canada is a non profit organisation established at the start of 2019. Led by a team of graduates from the Childhood and Social Institutions Programme at King’s University College at Western University, Ontario.
Our ambition is to build on the research and experience that has been and is being developed in the UK and to share that with communities within Canada, with an initial focus in Ontario.
Our mission: EquippingKids Canada acts to strengthen and support the ability of children to express their voice as part of their everyday interactions and to create platforms from which children can then amplify their voice and be part of creating change in their homes, schools and communities.
We do this by: Partnering with children and young people to further knowledge, skills and strategies that collectively increase social opportunities and promote meaningful participation and engagement,
1.  Individual Children: their journey of self discovery and finding their place as citizen
2.  Adults: promoting education that challenge assumptions and increases social awareness
3.  The Environment: supporting children to make connections with the world around them
4.  Our Communities: bringing children and adults together, initiating transformational change
5 Star Citizen: One of our emerging projects, which seeks to equip, encourage and recognize children’s contributions to the community they are part of. This program will actively promote the skills to get children to be part of making the needed change they recognize in their own community!