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Stress in the Classroom - Part 2
22 May 2018
Following our blog below - my colleague John has set the following challenge for teachers.   1  Think about your actions in the first 15 minutes of the day.
    What 'cues' do you send to children that might impact their 'emotional well being'?
As highlighted in the previous blog - a smile can make a big difference.   2   Ask the children how they would like to start the day.
    How do the children feel they can be helped into the right emotional frame of mind for learning?
    What ideas do you have. Often the day can start in a very busy way - does that help prepare everyone best for a day of learning?
  3   Find out more about the messages you send.
    Ask children to tell you more about what you do that sends a 'message' that has an impact on their 'emotional well being' (both positive and negative).
  Have a go and do let us know how you get on -