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Leadership Robbery

01 December 2019

Leadership Robbery - As a 24-year-old woman diving into Rachel Hollis’ two #1 New Work Times Bestseller self-help books, which help woman chase their purpose and dreams, I sit and wonder… WHY is it that these two books have sold almost 5 million copies in the last year?

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Connected Learning

Skill development in a changing world

12 October 2019

Society is facing a time of significant change. The question for all of us who are interested in education is how do we equip children to embrace this change and effectively manage it?

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News/Events, Publications

Five ways to Wellbeing

02 October 2019

Our research has shown that if children feel better about themselves that allows them to be more engaged as learners. Here are 5 steps that might be of value in the classroom.

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