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Establishing Child Centred Practice

08 February 2021

Be part of Sam's new book as we call those who are passionate about effective child centred practice to share their thoughts. As part of a new series 'Emerald Studies in Child Centred Practice' we are looking for contributors from around the world for our introductory publication 'Establishing Child Centred Practice in a Changing World'.

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Testing - thinking about change

15 January 2021

Current circumstances are challenging us to re-think testing in school. We know that the existing model of testing favours cognitive competence. Your value as a learner increases along with the marks you get on standardised exams.

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Bringing Children Back into the Family

04 January 2021

Bringing Children Back into the Family reflects the multidimensional nature of children's relationships within the home. A global team of contributors paint a picture of family life e and the importance of looking at children's active role in shaping notions of home.

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