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Awe and Wonder with Outdoor Learning
16 Oct 2017
The 12th October saw our first school day at Moggerhanger Park, near Bedford. It was a day full of 'wow' moments as children from Maplecross School in Hertfordshire explored learning linked to 'enquiry and voice' - visit their blog here. Despite all the planning so much learning took place in moments we had not even considered. For example those new experinces of
  • feeling a spider run across your hand
  • stepping into a wooded area and for the first time being totally surrounded by trees
  • discovering an insect you had never seen before hiding in a log.
One girl told us she had always been afraid of the woods, but now she thorugh they were "really fun". New experinces in learning can simply be created by recongising the value of learning in different contexts, as children grow in their awareness of how to be a learner in the range of spaces that form part of their everyday lives. This day was full of 'awe and wonder' for the children and for us as we were reminded of the power of the outdoors as a tool for learning. We are really looking forward to seeing how the children make connections between their learning in the woods and their learning back at school. More to follow....