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Being a Scientist: language and skills
02 Mar 2017

This is Part 2 of a blog posted on the 12/1/2017 The Centre had the opportunity to follow up and review the initial impact of ‘developing the language and skills of being scientist’.

Children from Years 1 to 4 brought their collaborative ‘science journals’ to the review meeting where they were ‘interviewed’ by us and the subject leader. It was ‘observable’ that the children:

  • were able to articulate their learning in great detail,
  • used scientific language, both technical and process based,
  • could identify and illustrate the skills that they had used in science,
  • could identify and illustrate aspects of their agreed ‘learning attributes’,
  • were able to demonstrate their abilities to be ‘collaborative learners’.
Children in Years 5 and 6 demonstrated all of the above, however, they faced two additional challenges. Firstly the children were asked to sort the eight elements of being a scientist in terms of which element was most significant in terms of their learning in that particular topic. The discussion was of a very high quality; the children were able to effectively collaborate and easily sought consensus. It has been great to see how this schools social learning attributes have played a part in supporting them in furthering their science curriculum. The second challenge was to create a video explaining ‘how we learn science’. This is in the process of being edited and we hope to publish on either our or the school’s blog. Watch this space...