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Bringing Children Back into the Family
04 Jan 2021
by Sam Frankel

I was delighted to have co-edited this collection of academic writings about children’s place in the family. This project stemmed from a desire to look beyond any passive characterisation of the child within the home. Rather, the aim was to see ‘children in action’ and how this might enable a deeper understanding of children’s experiences within the home. 

A truly International collection of chapters offers some valuable insights into current research around the importance of how children make sense of their place within the family. Notably, the contributions highlight what makes and shapes relationships and how this impacts on perceptions of being connected, with implications for the experience children have within this key social context. 

Themes within the chapters include participation, friendship, memory, moral reflectivity, children’s rights and migration. 

To find out more about the book - click here!

EquippingKids is working on a resource sheet that will share ideas from this work with parents and teachers.