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Coaching a strategy for professional development and learning
02 Mar 2017
For the last year the Centre has been supporting the development of coaching in two schools. In both schools the first step was to provide professional development opportunities for the Senior Leadership Team (SLT) focusing on:
  • reaching consensus as to what defines and constitutes coaching,
  • providing a structure to facilitate coaching.
  • developing coaching skills.

All members of the SLT were coached, coached each other and in the first place coached ‘willing volunteers’. In one of the schools this has been implemented as an element of their on-going professional development and as a vehicle for encouraging and strengthening professional dialogue. Feedback from the SLT suggests that the leadership skills associated with coaching are having an impact on their day to day roles and responsibilities as leaders.

In the second school all teaching and support staff have been introduced to the concept of coaching and as this year progresses coaching will be implemented as a teaching and learning strategy for children under the umbrella of ‘empowerment’. This has been an exciting and powerful project so far, as staff have recognised the value of coaching personally. We are really looking forward to seeing how this is increasingly applied within the classroom.