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Establishing Child Centred Practice
08 Feb 2021

Be part of Sam's new book as we call those who are passionate about effective child centred practice to share their thoughts. 

As part of a new series 'Emerald Studies in Child Centred Practice' we are looking for contributors from around the world for our introductory publication 'Establishing Child Centred Practice in a Changing World'.

This edited collection invites a variety of contributions from academics, practitioners or children and young people who recognise the value of deepening the conversation about the value of children's voice in shaping meaningful and effective practice.

This text seeks to highlight the importance of a growing understanding between the nature of institutional practices and how these are experienced by children.

At a time of significant local, national and international change, in which children are already actively involved, it seems not only right but necessary that we should be seeking to further our knowledge and understanding of what informs and shapes meaningful and effective practice for and with children. Such research has implications across the spaces that children and adults share whether that is at school, at home, in the law courts, in health care through to local, national and international platforms for social action. Follow this link to see a more detailed call for abstracts and follow the tab 'call for abstracts'. 

If you have any questions, then please get in touch.