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Five ways to Wellbeing
02 Oct 2019

We have been very interested in thinking about wellbeing and learning and its impact in schools. 

Wellbeing and Learning - Research Briefing 1

Wellbeing and Learning - Research Briefing 2

But, how do you embed wellbeing into learning?

In July 2011 a report came out titled ‘5 Ways to Wellbeing’.

In offers 5 simple steps

Connect - enjoying relationships 

Be Active - having fun through physical activity 

Take Notice - being inquisitive in the world around you

Keep Learning - taking on a challenge 

Give - being kind

Our research has shown that if children feel better about themselves that allows them to be more engaged as learners. We are keen to think about how these 5 steps, therefore can form part of our approach to learning. 

Connect - invest in collaborative activities in the classroom or outside, sharing individual knowledge and creating collective understandings 

Be Active - we have always been keen to promote creativity in learning, this means finding activities that suit the ability of a group of learners in which, through movement, they can engage with a learning task. 

Take Notice - a fundamental aspect of an effective learning journey is not only being ready to ask questions but also taking the time to reflect and review the journey you are on. 

Keep Learning - Learning is a circular process, it never finishes. Learners should be encouraged to take part in setting their own goals, as they face up to their learning disadvantages and look to grow as an individual learner. 

Give - Children in schools often talk of being ‘kind’, but how do we make ‘kindness’ a visible element of the learning process itself? To what extent can ‘giving’ become a defined aspect of a learning task within the classroom? 

It would be great to hear your ideas on developing these themes within learning. 

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