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Hydroponics - a project in need of collaboration
02 Aug 2017
An exciting visit yesterday to Moggerhanger Park in Bedford. From September we are going to be running experience days for primary schools that will allow the children to engage with some of the amazing opportunities that Moggerhanger has to offer, from the rich history and connections with William Wilberforce, to the beauty of the land and woods to the amazing work that is being developed as part of a hydroponics/ aquaponics projects based at the Moggerhanger Park Farm. In just one 'greenhouse' a very small but impressively dedicated team are demonstrating how a hydroponics project can be set up (and work!) with very limited investment. From an educational perceptive the journey that the team have taken offers so much potential, from understanding plant growth, to making the most of accessible resources, through to using and sharing skills to turn an idea into reality. We hope that through our work with schools, children can 'collaborate' and be part of generating ideas that furthers this kind of sustainable environmental ‘technology' in a practical and relevant way. As well as supporting through focused activities the efforts of the team at Moggerhanger.