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Keep it Simple - asking questions - starting conversations
26 Jun 2019

We are always amazed at just how much information you can uncover by 

  • asking a few simple questions 
  • to small groups of children and adults (e.g. 4 groups of children and 2 groups of adults)
  • inviting participants from each group to record their answers on a large sheet of paper
  • comparing the responses, once each group has shared, and looking for similarities and differences

Our focus is on exploring the way children come to be positioned in school and how that impacts on the way they see themselves as learners, so our questions offer the opportunity for children and adults to express their thoughts and offers a snap shot that can be used to drive further conversations in school.  

So have a think about what you want to know and then get talking!!!

Meaningful conversation is at the heart of any process of change (big or small).

So find a way to start your conversation today.