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Lockdown: It wasn’t all bad!
09 Mar 2021
by Sam

As children get back into the school routine - is it time to ask - what was the value of lockdown?

Now I recognise that lockdown experiences are going to vary greatly but, for most, surely lockdown has offered an opportunity to realise two important aspects about learning

  1. That learning happens outside of the classroom. 
  2. That our learning communities are bigger than we might have expected. 

Learning is so often restricted - however lockdown has given us the chance to recognise those wider learning skills that sit around how we - add up numbers or write an account of ourselves in French. 

In our house - three key skills seemed to have been constantly used

  • Creativity
  • Adaptability 
  • Resilience 

These did not only come into play when the internet crashed, but as part of the children finding ways to motivate and engage themselves whilst at home, finding ways to continue to explore their own interests and ideas. 

Lockdown has also allowed us to recognise the role that we as a family can play in supporting each others learning. In fact we have realised that our learning communities are far more than the people that we do ‘lessons’ with. By doing some reading with a grandparent (over zoom) to exploring a ‘how to’ video on YouTube through to just trying things out from one another, we are realised that actually our learning community is so much bigger than we ever realised (despite the fact we have been shut up at home). 

So as we move on - it is really important we look for opportunities to continue to support 

  • Learning outside fo the classroom
  • Realising the wider learning communities we are part of. 

If you want proof of some of the learning that took place in our house - take a look at this (can’t take any credit)  - this is all about one 15 year old on a real mission of his own!

Watch the video

  • Creativity
  • Adaptability 
  • Resilience 

In Action!