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Being Heard
03 Dec 2018

Great to be part of the following move to action...


Today, Childhood and Social Institutions students from King’s University College, London, Ontario, raise their voice and speak out against the proposed closure of the office of the Ontario Child Advocate. Attending the Standing Committee on Finance and Economic Affairs hearing in Queen’s Park, Toronto, the students seek to challenge the move to repeal the law and re-position the Office of the Child Advocate (OCA) under the auspices of the provincial Ombudsmen. The argument the students wish to present is that this move makes a negative statement about the value of children’s voices in Ontario, with implications for children’s effective engagement in our communities. It will impact on children who need help but it will also impact allchildren and the way in which they see their role within our society. Canada made commitments to children when it signed the 1989 United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child and the OCA has provided both a provincial and national lead in speaking out for and with children in relation to these obligations.  Removing the office will result in at best reducing the voice of children to help shape effective policy and practice and at worse silence groups altogether.


Childhood and Social Institutions students engage directly with the value and relevance of children’s voices within their courses.


We are delighted that the delegation attending this meeting is made up of mainly first year students, they are representing the views and opinions of their fellow students across each year of our program.