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Our Approach - an introduction
20 Sep 2021

An approach to maximise potential - equipping children to navigate a changing world 


Be a Connected Learner

Following many years of research we have developed an approach to transform learner engagement and maximise learning potential. This approach allows learners (children and adults), throughout a community (at  home, school, work and places in between) to...

  • Stay connected, motivated and engaged
  • Navigate and make sense of learning experiences
  • Strengthen learning relationships
  • Re-invest time where it really matters by placing conversations about learning and wellbeing at the heart of the community.

Be a Change Maker 

Children are part of the solution to effectively managing a changing world our work looks at how we can build on UN SDG 4 (promoting lifelong learning) and put this learning into practice in the communities that they are part of. Our ambition to inspire change makers is driven by a passion to 

  • build a culture of advocacy that establishes children voice and creates platforms to support their participation
  • develops a shared language to support conversations aimed at creating shared communities of practice
  • support meaningful opportunities that allow children to maximise their potential.