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30 Jan 2017

For the last three years the Centre of Excellence has worked alongside Wormley School in Hertfordshire supporting the development of a whole school approach to embedding the ‘social learning agenda’. Over this time the school has introduced a significant number of very effective, innovative and creative approaches to teaching and learning that are having a positive impact on the children’s abilities. The last two developments have focussed on developing ‘children as researchers’ and more recently on providing children with a breadth of language; that they know, understand and can use, to support their skills in reasoning. The ‘children as researchers' day explored three of our five building blocks namely; lead, speak. and act. The day provided the children with the opportunity to develop their own skills with regard to research namely; questioning, data collection and interpretation and then to lead a project of the their own. The children took full responsibility for their actions. The three key questions that the children explored were:

The most recent day focussed on reasoning we used a range of stimuli to explore the language of reasoning including;

  • artefacts,
  • mathematical challenges,
  • texts,
  • historical contexts.
The purpose of the day reflects our building block on ‘speak’. For children to be able to explore and articulate their feelings, for children to be able to communicate aspects of their learning and for children to be able navigate their complex world then the language for reasoning is key. The school is looking to agree the language, skills and strategies that underpin the development of reasoning, to ensure consistency and progression, making the language both visible and explicit. A number of key questions can be asked as illustrated by the diagram from ‘culture of thinking’ - You may be interested in following the innovative work from Wormley If you are on twitter you can follow Super Social Learner @WormleySSLearner