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Remembering Creatively
12 Nov 2018

A poem to encourage children to take some time out to think and share...


Take a moment, stop and think 

of 100 years before, 

all was topsy turvy 

for the world had gone to war. 


Life meant something different 

as the bombs came raining down, 

hopes and dreams; frozen, stuck, entombed 

in Flanders blooded ground. 


In the years that followed 

wars kept knocking on the door, 

and as this poem’s written 

terror lingers, frightens, storms. 


So why not… 

- fight a different war, 

- free those hopes and dreams, 

- lift them from the place they fell, 

released through poetry? 


So get a pen on paper, 

tell of all you wish to see, 

of the world that you are part of, 

of the world that’s yet to be. 


In you their hopes fly high, fly new 

fly brighter than before, 

so take a moment, stop and think 

Of 100 years before. 


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