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Research Briefing - Exploring Learning at Home and School
27 Jul 2022

Covid-19 has caused a range of challenges. It has also invited us to ask a number of questions. 

This research briefing explores a series of questions that have emerged from asking a group of children about their experiences of learning at home and school during lockdown.

The report focuses on how the children, across home and school...

  • valued their learning
  • felt supported in their learning
  • felt a sense of independence in their learning 

The briefing highlights the importance of school as a learning space, but also the possibilities that learning at home can offer. Notably school and home, as sites for possible learning, were not as different as one might think!

It seems relevant and important to us that we are prepared to reflect and learn from some of the challenges we faced, and see how some of what we discovered might offer possibilities for the future. 

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Research Briefing - July 2022