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Stop Interrupting 2
27 May 2021
by Sam

A must read.


Nancy Klein’s ‘The promise that changes everything - I won’t interrupt you’

A while back I wrote a blog about an article I had read. I then had to read the book on which this article was based. At last I have got round to writing a short blog about it!

Not only do these ideas highlight the benefits of a culture that encourages listening - leading to greater mutual respect, it also suggests that ‘not interrupting’ boosts independent thinking.


My guess is that nobody told you that if you give people attention, their minds will start to soar.

Nobody said that if you stop giving attention to someone, their minds will slow down and round corners they didn’t want to take. Nobody said that if you let a person know that you are wildly interested in what they will think next, they will go brilliantly wild with their own next thoughts (2020: 36). 

  • How provoking is this for all of us that work with children in education?
  • How can we better manage that adult - child relationship?
  • What does it mean in the context of group learning?
  • How can it support our understandings of what it means to be an effective 'facilitator'?

Let us know any thoughts you have!