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Stop Interrupting
27 Oct 2020
by Sam

Take a moment - avoid being interrupted - and read this article

A thought provoking extract from a new book that is really challenging to any adults that spends time with children. 

Simply reflecting on the time I give my own children at home… my 14 year old’s most recurring phrase is “no one listens to me”!

How much more of a challenge is it for those who work with children in settings where time is at best limited and where the evaluation of adult practice is based on outputs that have little consideration for children’s voice?

What is notable about this piece is that it highlights how even in roles where we are paid to listen - we still interrupt! It means that those who are directed towards a one to one intervention - still might not get their voice heard (or if they do - it will only be for a very limited amount of time!).

Although not specifically written to further a conversation about the relationship between adults and children this article carries so many important themes that are of great relevance to discussions around how children’s voices can be more effectively established and amplified.

So let’s find ways to ‘stop interrupting’ and give all children the chance to feel heard.