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The all new - Change Makers Club
19 Nov 2021

Welcome to the Change Makers Club!

As our response to the Shaking the Movers workshop and the wonderful thoughts and ideas shared by 50 young participants who came from all over Ontario and even some from the UK, we are going to set up a Change Makers Club. 

The idea of having a ‘club’ came directly from one of the participants and we thought this was such a great plan that we have decided to put it into action. 

The aim of the club (based on another idea from our STM participants) will be to equip our members to: 

  • Know their ideas have value so that they feel confident in sharing their voices with others  
  • Take the lead in designing change making opportunities to transform our communities for the better 


We are inviting children who took part in the Shaking the Movers event delivered by students from King’s to be the  founding members of this Change Makers Club. 

In the next few months, we would like to open out membership to other children in Canada and the UK (you can join from other countries too). 

Members should be around 8-12 years of age. But if you are older or younger that is no problem, we are just keen to create a team who is passionate about making a difference. 

If you are a little older: We hope to create a range of opportunities to continue to support and encourage those older than 12 years to stay involved and take part as leaders. 

If you are a teacher or adult that works with children:  you can join on behalf of your group. 

The club will operate virtually (although in time we hope to be able to have some face to face workshops in both countries). 

Members will receive:


Some detail  Starting 

Weekly e-mail

sharing news, events and conversations you might like to be part of

January 2022 (Christmas special in Dec 2021)

Monthly newsletter

sharing thoughts and ideas from club members, quizzes, games and practical ideas to get involved

February 2022

Monthly webinars

where you can tune in and chat with the team about issues you have noticed and ideas you have

January 20th 2022

EK Podcast 

Just let us know if you want to broadcast your ideas to others and we will work with you to bring it to life. 

Change Maker Mentors

If you have a big idea we team you up with one of our volunteers to enable you to create a plan to get your ideas in front of decision makers.


Research Skills

Coming soon we will be sharing skills to support you as researchers


Priority Booking

For workshops and events where you will be the first to know about our events

January 2022

A dedicated e-mail 

Club members can contact us using -


JOIN NOW by e-mailing -