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Young Activists - Be Inspired
11 Nov 2020
by Sam

As part of a class I am teaching at the moment - my fantastic students have been searching for accounts from young people about the role they have played as advocates in their own communities. 

For us advocacy is about: 

  • Establishing children's voices: children's voices are acknowledged and valued 
  • Amplifying their voices: creating opportunities that not only allow a voice to be heard but give others the chance to respond

This means that advocacy is about so much more than simply enabling a few to stand up and share their thoughts. 

It is about creating a culture in which all are able to be part of conversations that shape the communities they are part of (at home, at school and everywhere in-between). 

This video from a class presentation shows the way in which a young people (Kaitlyn) is shaping her community, the challenges and struggles she has faced and the difference she is making. 

Thank you to Maria, Anna, Charlotte and Kaitlyn for giving us permission to share this!