Learning - Anywhere and Everywhere

EquippingKids have been supporting children to navigate their learning for many years. 

In these challenging times, we want to support you to navigate whatever learning you are part of.

So if you are facilitating the learning of others, or you are taking on your own learning challenges we want to support you to 

  • manage
  • make sense
  • take control

of whatever that learning is. 

The resources on this page are there to help you (children and adults)

make the most of your learning opportunities!

Activities - Learn Together 

I Want to be Big  

Our new children's story

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Wildlife Search & Rescue

A new collaborative short film encouraging outdoor action


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Navigation Tools

happiness thermometer

Learning and Wellbeing Portal 

Building conversations together around how you feel and how you learn! Interested?


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Schools: Support your families 

Learning Journey - Overview 

Learning Journey - Overview


learning journey - overview.pdf

Step into your learning

Step into your learning

Step into your learning.pdf

Connect with your learning

Connect with your learning

Connect with your learning.pdf

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More resources and activities coming soon!