Dr. Sam Frankel

Dr. Sam Frankel

I have spent over 15 years seeking to connect academic thinking with practical projects focused on highlighting the transformational power of engaging with children's voices and amplifying those voices through meaningful participative opportunities.

Driven by theory that acknowledges children’s fantastic potential as social contributors my work has allowed me to engage with tens of thousands of children across the UK and beyond. I have learnt from children (and adults) in schools, homes and other community settings, drawing off their voices to inform and shape the evolving ideas.

Our 'ideas' are now reflected in a growing body of international literature, as well as in the exciting initiatives that you will find out more about on this site!

In short, I passionately believe that simply by listening to children’s voices we can begin a process of change in our communities - transforming lives for the better.

I am Associate Professor in the Childhood and Social Institutions Programme at King’s University College, Western University, Canada and a Visiting Research Fellow at Manchester Metropolitan University, UK.

Recent books: 

Frankel, S. and McNamee, S. (Eds) (2020) Bringing Children Back into the Family, Bingley: Emerald. 

Frankel, S. (2018) Giving Children a Voice, London: Jessica Kingsley

Frankel, S. and McNamee, S.(Eds) (2018) Contextualising Childhood, Basingstoke: Palgrave.

Frankel, S. (2017) Negotiating Childhoods, Basingstoke: Palgrave.

Frankel, S. and Fowler, J. (2017) How to Take your School on a Journey to Outstanding, Church Stretton: EquippingKids.

Frankel, S. (2012) Children, Morality and Society, Basingstoke: Palgrave

Frankel, S. (2009) Streetwise, London: Jessica Kingsley 

Sam Frankel

Dr. Sam Frankel


Testimonials from Schools

What it means for the children, is that they now have the ability to apply and even synthesise ways of implementing the learning attributes (metacognitive tools) in all facets of their learning and socialisation.

Ducan Robers, Head of Little Green

Equipping kids have breathed new life into our school. We are on the journey for giving them the skills to navigate life, not a text book. The bespoke, knowledgeable, research-based approach of Equipping Kids allows us to do this; to find solutions but most importantly all be ourselves. There is no 'lunchbox' of tricks, just knowledgeable, passionate professionals who want to maximize the opportunities for every child to make a difference.

Philip Grey, Principal, Hertfordshire

The impact has transformed the adults in school to see themselves as partners in learning rather than learning that is something that is done to children

Hannah Trickett, Head, Maple Cross

The methods used by equipping kids to gather tangible qualitative data and make visible the learning process have enabled staff and governors to value priorities that are 'hard to evidence' and as a result maintain sustained focus on longer term changes to ethos and culture in the school, such as a focus on developing growth mindsets and developing pupils as learners.

Simon King, Head, Dundale



We get to inspire each other with fun activities.

Equipping Kids Student - Aged 8


I think it will help me because it helps me communicate with adults better.

Equipping Kids Student

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It makes me feel more confident.

Equipping Kids Student

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So I can work with a partner, be confident, overcome challenge and be creative.

Equipping Kids Student

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We have discovered more about everything we can do. We believe in ourselves more.

Equipping Kids Student

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