Equipping Kids are now welcoming schools to trial our new Connected Learning Portal

Connected Learning Portal

Based off years of research and practice in schools we are now able to offer a resource that learning communities can use to start their own conversations. Our new portal offers schools the opportunity to explore whether children are 'plugged in' by asking questions that connect how they feel with their learning environment. 

The happiness thermometer is only the start of what we will be offering schools via this portal. 

Note: If you are not from a school - do contact us - to discuss how this might work for you (more specific tools will be available in the future). 

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Kids Montage

Start a Conversation

This tool will get people (children and adults) thinking and talking as everyone is invited to recognise that connection between how we feel and how we learn!

Children's voice

Children's Voice

Use the portal to find out what children think and feel. Allow them to take control of reviewing and reacting to their feelings and how that impacts their learning.

Review and respond

Review and Respond

The intuitive dashboard allows children, teachers and senior leaders to review findings and then to start conversations about ways in which they can respond.

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How it Works


  • Identify a member of staff (or small team) to lead the pilot

  • Invite some children to be involved in testing it out (it will be easier to start with a small group)

  • Trial the portal and provide us with feedback

What you'll get:

  • A dedicated school dashboard

  • 'Training and How-To Guides to help you make the most of the portal

  • Technical assistance as required

  • Additional support available*

*Additional Costs may apply

Pricing Options

Option 1

£50 - £100

(based on the size of your school or group)

This includes:

  • Use of the portal for the whole school/ group until August 2020
  • Initial portal set up (project lead, teachers involved and an initial group of children (up to 30)
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In school training


Additional Training (Optional)

This includes:

  • A one day package that involves training project lead(s),sessions with children, workshop for all staff.
  • Available to all UK schools/ groups (travel costs may be added)
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In house training may also be available for any groups trialling the portal in Ontario, Canada.

If specific support is needed we are happy to do what we can to accommodate this.

Please note there are only a limited number of trial spaces.

Happiness Thermometer

Happiness Thermometer

The happiness thermometer is a device to start conversations! By providing an easy and effective way for schools to talk about how they feel within their learning it offers a focus through which schools can reflect on their school culture and climate as collectively you ask are children 'plugged in'. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Testimonials from Schools

What it means for the children, is that they now have the ability to apply and even synthesise ways of implementing the learning attributes (metacognitive tools) in all facets of their learning and socialisation.

Ducan Robers, Head of Little Green

Equipping kids have breathed new life into our school. We are on the journey for giving them the skills to navigate life, not a text book. The bespoke, knowledgeable, research-based approach of Equipping Kids allows us to do this; to find solutions but most importantly all be ourselves. There is no 'lunchbox' of tricks, just knowledgeable, passionate professionals who want to maximize the opportunities for every child to make a difference.

Philip Grey, Principal, Hertfordshire

The impact has transformed the adults in school to see themselves as partners in learning rather than learning that is something that is done to children

Hannah Trickett, Head, Maple Cross

The methods used by equipping kids to gather tangible qualitative data and make visible the learning process have enabled staff and governors to value priorities that are 'hard to evidence' and as a result maintain sustained focus on longer term changes to ethos and culture in the school, such as a focus on developing growth mindsets and developing pupils as learners.

Simon King, Head, Dundale

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