'Wildlife Search and Rescue' is our first collaborative film project

It explores the role that children can play in bringing about change in their local environments.

Activity Sheets

Start your own Wildlife Search and Rescue Team - activity sheets

1. Dig Bog Garden.pdf
Step 1 - this step is full of hard work and requires all your garden tools - so get busy!
2 Add Night Plants.pdf
Step 2 - It is now time to add some night scented plants to your bog garden
3. Build Bat Box.pdf
Step 3 - How about building a bat box and giving your bats somewhere to live.
4. Grow a Wild Area.pdf
Step 4 - to encourage insects let an area near your bog garden grow wild.
5. Add Wildlife Hedge.pdf
Step 5 - explains how to plant a wildlife hedge and why this is valuable.
6. Catch the Cat.pdf
Step 6 - reminds us that some pets might create some challenges for bats.
7. Turn Light Off.pdf
Step 7 - time to create the right conditions to encourage bats to come and visit.

This film and the resources were made by Henry Frankel as part of his studies at the National Film and Television School. 

To contact Henry to discuss this project or whether he could help you with developing your own ideas - click here